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    Firefighting, an already dangerous jobs gets tougher

    Posted by Ricky Roder on Nov 4, 2021 4:59:37 PM

    Fighting fires is an inherently risky occupation.  There is a new danger facing Firefighters, Cancer.

    Research shows that a Firefighters are 2.2 times more likely to get cancer than the general population. It is a known fact that carcinogens out gas in a fire get into the turnout gear. 

    The new revision of NFPA 1851 states turnout gear must be washed every time it is exposed to combustion. NFPA 1851 also requires 2 cleanings per year with one of them being a major inspection.

    Pay very close attention to your hood. The carcinogens that are in your hood is laying on top of 2 glands in your neck.

    Protect yourself, keep your gear clean and dry.

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