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    Common questions about gear dryers

    Posted by Ricky Roder on Jan 10, 2018 5:22:22 PM

    The first question we are asked at fire shows is how long does it take to dry my turnout gear?

    The answer is 2 fold, if the turnout gear is coming out of an extractor and the layers are separated the dry time is 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The second answer is; if the gear is assembled and you have been in a working fire or in the rain on an MVA and you are just plain wet, the dry time is approximately 4 hours depending on ambient temperature and humidity.  

    The next question we hear; if I'm not using all the risers can I shut off the ones I'm not using? No need to, our dyers were designed that the blowers matches the volume of air within the risers. There is no benefit to closing off the risers not in use. In fact there is a down side; by closing off the the risers not being used it increases air pressure which creates back pressure on the blower. The back pressure causes the blower to work harder, generating more heat in the motor and shortening the life of the blower motor.

    Also our turnout gear dryer are standard equipped with heat means that our dryer work quickly and efficiently. Which brings up the next point; since our dryer are standard with heat, our blower motors are very quiet due to the fact that we don't use  just air pressure to dry the gear. 




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